Katie (huntress23) wrote,

Retrospective and Introspective

Reading Aylin's latest post made it really hit home. I will be leaving here in such a short time...and even life as I know it now is changing so quickly.

My mom decided to purchase a townhouse about 2 miles from where we are currently living...I guess she wanted a change or something, which I can understand. We have lived in the same house for about 14 years, ever since I was 4. The only house I have ever truly known. The only room I have ever truly called my own, a sanctuary where I could get away from everything and just lie on my bed after a long day and read or watch Tv or think or study or sleep. A place where friends would come over for fudge parties and sleepovers and birthday parties and movie-watching and hanging out. My room, with my yellow walls, my posters of snowboarders, my chair with an excessive amount of stuffed animals that serve no purpose except to remind me of how my childhood, however faded a memory, is still there, within reach....my cork-board photo albums that changed every few years, to reflect the new friends, the new memories, being made. Trophies from middle school basketball, summer swim team, Southside tennis camp...ribbons from horse shows, YMCA basketball, Honor roll.

My mom put a box in my room yesterday. She said to throw out anything I didn't want. And to box up anything I wanted to keep. I still haven't done it yet.

Aside from all that, I am truly excited at the prospect of college. Christina Gamba, who goes to Princeton and works in my office, was telling me all about her experiences there and offering lots of freshman advice. Being at a school far from home is actually beginning to resonate with me...I have never imagined myself returning to Jacksonville after college, so I never saw the point of staying close by, aside from friends and family (which is going to be the most difficult part of all this). I don't know what I'd do without the friends I've made and what they've taught me...and the family I have and what they've given me.

Good luck to everyone next year...and remember, success in life is not determined by IB scores :) (don't tell Mrs. Ellison I said that)
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