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Ever heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Well, anyone who has read Mrs.Dalloway sure has (remember Septimus?...ah, tragic novels) I feel as if I'm..well, I'm hesitant to say suffering from, since it isnt really a feeling equivalent to suffering in any way, shape, or form, aside from being a distance separating myself from friends I had been so used to seeing everyday...but, its almost as if I'm feeling the effects of Post-Graduation Traumatic Stress Disorder. The hysteria of the days surrounding the actual event made it fly by, in a blur of colorful NAHS cords, blue silk gowns, and grumbling students eager to make it out of the God awful 7:45 am graduation practice Monday morning at UNF....but, I'll have to say, graduation itself was particularly nice. Props to Tina and Ariana for their speeches, they were quite good. At least no arrests occured at our graduation, though Jaxon did seem a bit peeved at the whole collapse of the pre-arranged seating order.
Anywho, I've been a little bit under the weather, feeling the after-effects of the hype. My dad and stepmother were in town from last Thursday until this past Tuesday, and I ended up playing a virtual tour guide for them the whole time. It was fun, actually, and I realized how much I might actually miss this place when the time inevitably comes to leave. We went to the Alligator farm in St. Augustine, and I took them into San Marco (my favorite Jax hangout, by far...my hood!!) They had an enjoyable time, and I promised that I'd come out to Tucson to visit them soon. But, like the other promises made between us, we'll see how true this one will hold.
Off to New York tomorrow, to visit grandma (and sneak into the city for a bit) Anyone else receive extremely large sums of money for graduation from people that they barely know? Life is sweet :)

You guys better keep in touch. Love to everyone...Aylin, Liz, Emma, Mayuri, Steven, Haley, Eric, David, Micheala, Betsy, Becky, Kati, geez i know im forgetting like everyone, but I havent been on LJ in forever.

Another Orlando trip in the works? Let me know, Ill be home next Saturday.
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