Katie (huntress23) wrote,

The glorious return

Halt the speculation, stop the presses...I'm back! Contrary to popular belief (cough Kati Brown cough), I am not currently deceased...just really really busy. And who isn't lately? What with tests, umm...well, I guess just tests. They seem to be consuming all of my energy and thoughts lately, along with making the notion that high school is actually OVER virtually insignificant in the wake of the approximated 30 odd hours of examinations lying in wait for us over the next two weeks. Mark your calenders...

Anywho, just returned from a wedding. Nothing makes you so simultaneously happy and depressed at the same time as seeing two absolutely perfect people in love, and realizing how things in this world can be right..but just not for you. Aside from that, it was a really beautiful event...I got misty-eyed seeing her, my old Campaigner leader, bedecked in this absolutely stunning white dress, smiling as she walked down the aisle to her future. The whole event was sort of a mix of contemporary and traditional...one of the bridesmaids wore Rainbow sandals, but there was still the whole traditional vows thing and all that. I started having all those girly visions of what my wedding might be like (a day far, far away from today, I assure you) It was a great wedding, and I had a blast hanging out with all my old campaigners. The reception was nice too...anywho, I'll fill in more later, but I'm gonna go. Outz.
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