Katie (huntress23) wrote,

SLEEP DEPRIVED, but happy :)

Prom was, without a doubt, absolutely everything I could have hoped for. You always see those "perfect proms" in the movies, and in magazines, and always envision it to be something totally different than what it turns out to be. But I think the mere fact that I was surrounded by all my friends, on such a fun night, is what made it so awesome. No reckless driving, boy drama, or hotel room needed.

It definitely took me half the day to get ready, which felt ridiculous, because I never spend more than 5 minutes on my hair/nails...and then here was some asian women taking an hour to rub my feet and polish my nails. It felt excessive, but nice.
Anywho, Jason came over at about 4:30, and we took some requisite pics at my house at my mom's insistence. Then, we drove to his house, so that his mom could take some pictures. And take them she did...in the backyard, in the kitchen, next to the couch, etc. Jason and I went to Starbucks after that, where he definitely reaps some major employee benefits now, so that we could get free drinks...everyone gave us quizzical looks (who could blame them? Whose prom is in March??)but it was fun nonetheless. We drove to Bernards, and took some pictures on the swirly staircase of his...everyone looked gorgeous, by the way!! After that, another gorgeous thing pulled up...our stretch Hummer limo, a sight to behold. That thing was amazing...inside, an awesome stereo system, and room enough to comfortably seat 20 people. We had a blast on the way to the Wine Cellar, where we had a wonderful dinner...the Mahi I had was awesome, and the escargot that Jason and I ordered as an appetizer was ok (he definitely asked the guy if it was "farm-raised"..hello? aren't they all slimy and gross, no matter what?)
After dinner, we were off to prom....I'll have to say, they did a good job on decorations this year. I liked the paper lanterns and whole New York theme, and the food was definitely far better than last year (although I refrained from trying the punch...hehe)My favorite part of the evening would definitely have to be Erin Crider cutting a rug, and Tony busting out the condom (haha) It was fun to see everyone dressed up, and to gush over how gorgeous everyone looked. It was hard, though, to realize that this was senior prom. A night that freakin magazines are devoted to, and that one always imagines will be something so memorable, yet far away. And its over...I guess I just realize how close school is to being over, and how much sooner that means I'll be starting college.

Anyway, we left prom, while still having about an hour left on the limo. So, of course, we went to Steak n Shake, where half the group got out and went inside to order milkshakes. We went back to Bernard's, and Jason and I drove to Bowl America, where Liz, Mindy, Alex, and some other people were. After visiting a while, we drove to Fernindina (about a 50 minute drive), where we arrived at Mrs Sachs beach house at like 2:30. She had prepared us tons of food, and the house was absolutely amazing...a two story place right across from the beach, where everyone gathered for a bonfire. Much fun ensued, and we were all even present to watch the awesome sunrise at about 6 am....it was definitely a wonderful night, and I slept not one bit of it. Hence, Im going to bed. Night!

some memories...
Window bra!
Tribal dance
35 cent gasoline
Push up contest
Gerald the Mermaid
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