Katie (huntress23) wrote,

The wanderer returns

Have I been wandering? Maybe that, or maybe its due to Stanton's ever-friendly policy of post-spring-break bombardment of every possible test/assignment/meaningless piece of crap that won't matter "5 years from now" (thanks, Donobeast)that inevitably occurs
when teachers with poor scheduling habits and guidance counselors (cough ELLISON) with no human emotion come together...all in a devious plot to wreak havoc on our poor, overworked, underpartied souls....can I get an AMEN?

Ok, enough with the drama. I suppose its just the initial reacclimation to the humdrum of first period Bunton and the feeling of being slowly closed in by the blase' colored walls that I have to stare at every day...seriously, Stanton needs to invest in some hot pink Sherwin-Williams or something, because that would keep me much more awake then the same Far Side cartoons I've read about 30 bazillion times. Holler back.

Otherwise, Spring break was amazing...some relaxation, beachin it, Orlandoin' it, and altogether just chilling (its an acquired taste for us Stanton Folk) Orlando was fun..hehe "magical journeys" and all. Even though we couldn't decide where to eat..I agree, girls are indecisive. Just because we don't settle for Pizza hut:) The mall at the millenia was amazing, of course...though it goes against my thrifty nature and hatred of all things teenybopperish and trendy, I bought a shirt from Urban Outfitters that says "Everybody Loves An Italian Girl." It was too cute to pass up, and, of course, so true. I also went to the Gavin DeGraw concert at Freebird on Friday night, which was awesome...I'd never heard any of his music prior to that day (except for the theme song on "One Tree Hill") and I managed to get a picture with him before he went on stage..it was good times, even though the concert wasnt over until 1 am, and I was muy tiredo (man, my spanish just keeps getting worse).

So, Tony Sarkees calculated the number of hours we will be taking IB and AP exams in May. The grand total? 39 hours. Let the sobbing begin.
I can't even get excited about prom. After-prom plans are crazy...people are getting way too worried/upset/dramatic over them. Personally, I'd settle for bowling and Famous Amos, but whatever.

Peace out.
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