Katie (huntress23) wrote,

3 day weekend (well, for me at least...)

Sure, they have provisions for "sick days", "vacation days", and even the requisite "doctor's/dentist appointment days," but I move to petition that we have "mental health days" implemented into the regular school year at necessary intervals...trust me, they save your sanity.

I took one today. My first one EVER, thank you...this week has been, well, HELL, if you wanna put it bluntly. Actually, its been lonely, more so, since my mother has been out swooshing down the slopes in Colorado whilst I've been cooped up in my little hole studying Bio notes (by the way, im the Sex Goddess/Bomb of 4th period Biology, according to Tess Durant. My first week home alone has proven successful, however...nothing was burnt/killed/trashed/or otherwise damaged. I think I've been almost too busy to notice her absence (might be helpful next year...thats gonna be one heck of an adjustment) Anywho, Jason Hall so graciously accompanied me on our venture out, as we breakfasted at the Fox restaurant in Avondale (mmm the Ortega omelet was muy deliciousa)We stopped by Edge City just as Tom and Gunnel were walking in (they are the coolest old(er) couple by far..her clothes make me smile, as does the fact that she draws on her eyebrows completely) We went to the mall as well, making sure to spend hours in the Gap and other yuppie strongholds. After lunching at Moe's (haha I love using food terminology as a verb) we went thrift-storing (hmm, doesnt sound as cute) where I got a ron jon t-shirt and Jason got a "Crowley Family Reunion" T-shirt that says "Lil Mitch" in airbrush on the back. hehe. Anywho, dinnered with my uncle at Sushi Rock, and just finished watching American Wedding. What a day.

Tomorrow night...Jon Mayer (aka future husband). Im so excited! School? eh? pshh.

OHH! man, almost forgot to mention this...as we were driving through san marco earlier, jason and I spotted the elusive beast of stanton...the infamous Dr.Echols!!! He was running off to somewhere (to go rejoin the Sandinistas?) but Jason got his card and number. We are so tracking him down.

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