Katie (huntress23) wrote,

Helloooo Daddys money

It has been a political couple of days. Mock Convention, on the whole, was a good experience...I met some great people (democrats, all of them...coincidence? I think not..hehe) But seriously, it got pretty crazy around candidate nomination time. Did I mention how much I detest Bolles kids? "there are two classes in America..the rich and the poor" -I kid you not, this was a legitamite quote from one of them. Yea, there is another class too, Daddys credit card...the "ignorant." And to say that Democrats are suffering from "Robin hood" syndrome (rob from the rich, give to the poor) is freakin ludicrous. Just because a few people take advantage of the welfare system doesnt mean the majority isnt made up of people who need it...you wanna talk about taking advantage? How about corporations that move their headquarters overseas and are given tax breaks? Anywho, thats my political diatribe of the day. Back to Vadney. Ugh.
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