Katie (huntress23) wrote,

Helloooo Daddys money

It has been a political couple of days. Mock Convention, on the whole, was a good experience...I met some great people (democrats, all of them...coincidence? I think not..hehe) But seriously, it got pretty crazy around candidate nomination time. Did I mention how much I detest Bolles kids? "there are two classes in America..the rich and the poor" -I kid you not, this was a legitamite quote from one of them. Yea, there is another class too, Daddys credit card...the "ignorant." And to say that Democrats are suffering from "Robin hood" syndrome (rob from the rich, give to the poor) is freakin ludicrous. Just because a few people take advantage of the welfare system doesnt mean the majority isnt made up of people who need it...you wanna talk about taking advantage? How about corporations that move their headquarters overseas and are given tax breaks? Anywho, thats my political diatribe of the day. Back to Vadney. Ugh.
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Just because a few MILLION people take advantage of the welfare system...

oops, where'd that come from. hehe.
Greenspan says any action to deal with the country's job insecurities [as in moving out of the country] would make the economic situation worse. Ain't it funny how the bar isn't ever good enough? It has gone from "the economy is down we are all gonna perish" to "oh well this job GROWTH isn't enough."

Few people. HA! Who would want to work when you have free money coming your way? HA, with all the hard working Americans right? Work, what a funny word, oh wait, we are too "prideful" for that. Well, let's have a welfare state, that would fix everything, just ask the Soviets.
yes there are people that take advantage of the welfare system but i can honestly say that i would much rather have a system w/some who take advantage and others who truly survive only because they have enough $ to buy food due to the govt rather than no welfare system at all
this republican crap about getting rid of the welfare system and letting charities take care of em is bs - who the hell is going to take care of them when the economy goes bad? people cut back on donations to charities, charities have nothing to give the poor
and isnt it extremely hypocritical to support the war in iraq to help out people that dont like us, while other nations plus the un dont support us, to get rid of wmds that havent been found - and yet the republicans wont support helping our own fellow americans in need?? right lets elect bush again keep throwing money to foreign affairs, forget domestic problems, continue to run up the largest deficit in history which our generation will pay for, continue to give tax cuts and incentives to corporations that continue to take jobs away from americans and instead outsource overseas
sorry sorry that was my political rant for today - katie we've had a few of those during the convention huh lol
is it safe to say that you make absolutley zero sense in your arguement...yes it is. i can honestly say that democrats have no idea what their stance upon anything is. if we hadnt gone into the war, im sure the democrats would have found a way to critize bush. but we did, so what do they decide to support...the fact that the us has a "failing economy" well maybe if SOME cough MILLIONS of people decided to get off their lazy asses and get a job instead of sucking taxpayers money, our economy would be in better shape
interesting arguments
let me just say - where you raised by 1 or 2 parents? did you have the opportunity to get an education?
oh look you are already way ahead of some of the people on welfare who simply could not attend school due to circumstances and can not get a job
maybe they simply are too sick to get a job
maybe they are taking care of their little siblings since their parents are in jail
whatever the reason may be it is quite obvious that you would never understand
easy for everyone to say get off your asses when you only view the world in terms of how you grew up
who is "unable" to get a job? honestly? i know there is a select group of people in this country who are, for whatever reason, unable to find employment. they are, however, a very, very small contingent of the population. almost anyone, regardless of the education that some are also "unable" to get, for god knows what reason (wait, i thought education was FREE in america?), can get a job at mcdonalds. granted, it will be a low-paying job, but money is money. you CAN support yourself on minimum wage. that is why the government sets a minimum wage; it's merely another concession allowing millions to take advantage of the workforce, but that's another issue entirely.

People DO take advantage of the system. PERIOD. and it's your parents that are suffering; soon enough you'll all be directly affected by it too, and maybe then you'll stop spewing this ridiculous rhetoric about what's "right" and "fair" and "moral" when you're being robbed by your own government, and essentially, your fellow citizens.


February 25 2004, 15:03:33 UTC 14 years ago

being robbed?
that is interesting
so i do not think anyone can argue when i equate republicans and the most selfish members of society
the party of the wealthy
oh well
cute. do you know me at all? if you knew me, you'd know that i am anything but wealthy. i have my own job, and because my parents can't afford to spend all their money on me, i buy the vast majority of whatever i have myself. i'm going to uf, above all, because my parents are, in fact, NOT wealthy.

it was an admirable attempt at lumping all republicans into one demographic, though.


February 25 2004, 19:06:48 UTC 14 years ago

how can you possibly say that the government using your taxes to provide for things like education, welfare, etc is robbing you?? are you suggesting that we just throw those that can not fend for themselves out to the dogs?