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When life is this sweet, you dont need sugar
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Monday, September 6th, 2004
9:23 am
A few stolen moments in english class..
Hey everyone! Seeing as I haven't had a spare moment in the entire two weeks I've been here, I just wanted to say that I miss you guys and luv you all and hope you are having an awesome time in college! I have totally overextended myself (would I do it any other way?) with Club Tennis, writing for the Davidsonian, and serving as co-Chair of the Young Democrats Event Committee. I love it here...I'll be home Oct. 9-12 for fall break, catch up with you UF kids then! Don't get blown away by any hurricanes in the meantime!

Your Favorite Davidson Wildcat,
Monday, July 26th, 2004
11:11 pm
My God, He's Good
"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values."

Say what you will about Bill Clinton, but he is one hell of a speaker. I believe, in a formal life, he may have been a Baptist preacher or something, because he sure knows how to play to the audience and keep people mesmerized. And be totally classy about completely socking it to Bush.

At times like these, I actually get excited about politics. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not big on political confrontation, and lately am having a hard time having any faith in the political process as a whole (due to the last 4 years and the abysmal failures of this administration)But this sort of oratory, no matter how grandiose and Washington it is, totally revives me and makes me even more excited about getting out the vote for the Dems in November.

By the way, everyone remember to request an absentee ballot!! They sent out some ballot request forms, where you can write your school address and send them in to get an absentee form. If you havent gotten one, call the elections office. Im sure John Stafford can hook you up.

Night all! Going camping for a week...hopefully I'll be back!
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
7:21 pm
I'm sure when the gods of summer were sitting around in their air-conditioned houses sipping glasses of lemonade, they surely envisioned "summer vacation" to be something like this. It is so refreshing to get up at a decent hour, take a long bike ride on the beach, with the waves crashing down on the shore before high tide. Dolphins frolic in the ocean, and old men try desperately to run or walk off those creeping flabs of stomach now protruding from their elastic waist-banded running shorts. The latter part I could do without, but its still a wonderful feeling...then, returning back to eat breakfast, and lounging around until the surf gets decent. Slathering on the sunscreen and pulling on the rashguard, I set out for hours of countless rides, missed ones, and wipeouts. So relaxing, so nice. So summer
Alas, the productive person I am, I could hardly imagine adapting permanently to this "country club lifestyle." Becoming a woman who sits around all day and "lunches" with friends sounds so utterly unappealing to me...maybe when I'm old, and tired of working, but even then I would have to involve myself in something, just to feel like I'm still a productive member of society. Oh well, maybe idealism changes when you get older.
Leaving for Odyssey on Tuesday, the day before my weeklong trek into the woods commences at Davidson College. I'm really excited/nervous, both about meeting new people and getting to know them by spending a week in the "great outdoors." Personally, I don't know what's so great about it. No bathrooms. No running water. No cell phones. No chinese take-out. J/k, I think it'll be fun. Especially when I get to know people, and then they see what I look like first thing in the morning. Some possible friendships could be prematurely terminated that way.
Anywho, I'm reading that book about sororities, "Pledged" (though my school has none..although we do have "eating houses", which are self-selected houses that you eat your meals at as a sophomore, junior, or senior) Sororities basically seem to mold to every stereotype I've ever heard, including the ugly truth about the frequent plumber visits to the houses (to clean out the pipes clogged with vomit, due to the "side effects" of eating disorders). Terrible, scandalous stuff. But a good read, nonetheless. I heartily recommend for anyone planning to join one down at Gatorville or otherwise, just to get an idea of what you might be in store for.

Politics: Boston Convention coming up. My uncle is a delegate, so I'm hoping for updates on what goes on. Otherwise, I'm continually frustrated by the amount of bickering going on between both parties (though I realize that's what elections are about, this one is the worst I've heard (and heard of) by far) The day after Kerry makes his VP announcement, the RNC is all over Edwards and his history as a trial lawyer. Then Bush, after being genial at first, says he doesn't have the "experience." Kinda like Bush's stint as Governor of Texas for a few years made him the know-all on presidential, domestic, and international policies. Yea, RIIIIGHT. Kinda after being handed many things in life, including a major league baseball team (after he managed to lose a House election). The man was third in line in his own FAMILY to be president (remember the "unpleasantness" with Neal, and then Jeb's refusal to run?) I understand these are points of contention, and I welcome the arguments (I'm sure I'll get some), but if anyone attacks the integrity and motives of trial lawyers, expect some major back talk. Maybe they do make too much (kinda like professional athletes, but no one's complaining about them) but I'll be damned if it doesn't take a heck of a risk to put your neck (and your firm's money) on the line to win a case for a family screwed over by a corporation or insurance company or otherwise. Not many other people care about or support these families who have no money to bring a suit against huge companies, and lawyers deserve to benefit from their hard work (like doctors, etc, who make a pretty good chunk of change) I admire John Edwards for his background and his career, but I'm disappointed that he's strayed from his "two Americas" speech to rag on Bush...He needs to focus more on his own optimism and good spirit, a far cry from that of VP Dick "Go F Yourself" Cheney (in his words, not mine).
Monday, July 19th, 2004
1:00 am
Home (at last)
Who knew the perils of air travel weren't strictly limited to embarrassing strip searches performed near the "security checkpoints" in front of hassled fellow travelers? (I have GOT to stop wearing belts to the airport) Anywho, all went well on the journey home until we got to Dulles (in D.C.) and discovered that no planes were coming in due to inclimate weather. Long story short, I arrived home at 4 am.
Anywho, it seems like people have fallen off the face of the earth, for some reason. I didn't realize so many people were out of town, either...I guess being gone myself, I feel like im out of the loop. That being said, I spent today with my cousin, and went surfing. It was fun, aside from the jellyfish sting I got (but the lifeguard with the aloe stuff was cute, so eh, I guess its even...hmm, I dont think I could have made that sound more stereotypical if I tried).
I found out today that I'm going to visit my dad in Tucson for 3 days, which will be cutting the pre-college last-minute hanging-out time short, but not by too much. I think I'm particularly adament about this whole hanging out thing, since I won't be familiar with anyone next year...It'll be strange seeing a whole different set of faces each day. I think the Itchetucknee trip sounds like a blast, I still haven't been there yet. Anywhos, write back, chill out, talk lata. Night.
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
10:01 pm
I don't want to leave!!

Colorado has quickly become my home away from home (well, wherever "home" is right now, since my mom is moving to a townhouse and I will be leaving for college in a month) But I absolutely love it out here...it's just so beautiful. And not oppressively hot.

Today mom and I went for our last hike...a torturous 8 mile round trip trek up to Booth Lake, nestled amidst the peaks of the Gore Mountain Range (many of which top out over 13,000 feet). It was a beast getting there, but the picturesquely beautiful scene was well worth it. The lake was a clear blue, with a little island sitting right in the middle of it. Snowdrifts that hadn't melted yet surrounded the lake in some places, and dotted our trail as we ventured up above timberline. How awesome is it to be able to touch snow, in the middle of July.

Yesterday we went on a horseback ride out in Leadville, a now depressed mining town that was once the boomtown of the late 1800's. Our guide was George, a crusty 70 year old man that has had more wives than I can count on two hands. We went riding with him last year, and had so much fun that we decided to go back again. He lets us run the horses, which is cool, something you don't get to do on those "nose to butt" trail rides. The ride lasted about 3 hours, so my behind is appropriately sore. Thank goodness for the hot tub.

Still, I suppose going home will be nice...I miss everyone and can't wait for some pre-college reunions. Itchetuknee sounds awesome, and I can't wait to go. Has anyone gotten AP scores yet? Not to retain my Stanton nerd-dom, but I need to know my freakin calc score so I know whether or not I have to take it next year. UGH, why can't math just die? Thanks, Isaac Newton. And Pythagoras. Couldn't you just have kept your theorems to yourself?
Friday, July 9th, 2004
9:29 am
About to go on a hike with the fam, after gettting up to do one on my own this morning at the ungodly hour of 6 am. It feels different out here, though, like getting up early to go hike isn't some awful chore or exercise that one feels compelled to do. I saw two red foxes playing in the field near the road this morning...they were beautiful, with bushy tails and huge glossy eyes. I guess I figured going for a hike might make animal sightings more likely, although I'm hoping that the bears will keep their distance (although one has been sighted going through garbage near the condo). I've developed a bird-watching habit out here, thanks to the nifty little Guide to Colorado Birds that was found lying atop the coffee table. Although I doubt ornithology will be my field of study, it's kind of interesting to see all different kinds of wildlife that you don't get back in la Florida. Hope that doesn't make me sound too much like an 80 year old woman.

Anywho, glad you're back from Cheeseland, Liz! Sounds like it was fun.

Glad that someone shares similar vacation experiences (aka Matt Kutzer). If only we shared political views as well :) hehe

Hope summer is going well for everyone. We need a major Stanton reunion before school starts. I think I start the 23rd, which I hear is a pretty universal date. Holla back.
Thursday, July 8th, 2004
5:47 pm
Colorado is absolutely amazing. You see, vacations with my family don't consist of the typical activities (or lack thereof) that one would usually find synonymous with "vacation"-
in other words, lounging by the pool and cruise buffets we don't do. An example? Tuesday, we went running/hiking in the morning, which was killer because of the altitude difference. I was gasping for breathe after a quarter mile. Then we hiked later on in the afternoon. Wednesday, my mom and I played 3 hours of tennis in the morning, then went for an 8 1/2 mile hike (half of it up the mountain) later on in the afternoon. Today we went white-water rafting on the Arkansas River down Class 3 and 4 rapids (the highest are class 5), and just did an hour and a half hike. I am beat, but loving it. Our raft guide was really cool...he does these things called "Eco-Challenges", which are like hardcore adventure races in other countries around the world. You live by your wits for 6 or 7 days while completing a series of tasks like biking, hiking, and horseback riding. It sounds really cool, and makes me contemplate going off the college/career path for a while. But then I think of money, specifically an income, as do all Americans, and resignate myself to the fact that I'm on the straight and narrow. Well, for now :)
Ib scores...hmm. I'm still slightly bewildered by the fact that I passed math (yess!) and that I got a 7 on my philosophy ib. Yes, a 7. I don't believe it either.
Ohh, shout out to Becky Roden. The other guy who worked at the raft company was Chris Rick's uncle...I told him I had a friend who was in love with Chris. Hope you don't mind :)

Hope everyone's summer is going swell. Don't die of heat exhaustion. I'll be outside, in the balmy 60 degree weather :)
Monday, July 5th, 2004
8:44 pm
Tap the Rockies
Finally in Colorado, after the multiple plane rides from you-know-where. The last leg of our trip got off to a slow start because the smoke alarms weren't working. Once they got those fixed, the dern flight crew still hadn't shown up. We waited an hour. They still hadn't shown up. Probably held up in the airport security line...oh well, I guess we all have to do our duty and strip down naked in the face of terrorism. I've got to stop wearing belts to the airport. Anyway, once we boarded, some huge scene erupted over whether or not multiple animals were allowed on board...apparently, some code exists stating that only one animal per plane is allowed. The guy with the cat got pissed, but he did get his two free airline vouchers, so I think that placated him a bit.
I did get some good reading in. "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" by Al Franken. It's both hysterical and frightening at the same time. Ann Coulter really is a nutcase. That's the title of my favorite chapter so far.
For those of you who haven't seen Farenheit 9/11 yet, please do! Matt Kutzer, this means you :)
I'm beat. The time difference is 2 hours, and it feels strange going to bed at 9 here. Oh well. Hope everyone had a happy 4th!! Night.
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
9:57 am
Retrospective and Introspective
Reading Aylin's latest post made it really hit home. I will be leaving here in such a short time...and even life as I know it now is changing so quickly.

My mom decided to purchase a townhouse about 2 miles from where we are currently living...I guess she wanted a change or something, which I can understand. We have lived in the same house for about 14 years, ever since I was 4. The only house I have ever truly known. The only room I have ever truly called my own, a sanctuary where I could get away from everything and just lie on my bed after a long day and read or watch Tv or think or study or sleep. A place where friends would come over for fudge parties and sleepovers and birthday parties and movie-watching and hanging out. My room, with my yellow walls, my posters of snowboarders, my chair with an excessive amount of stuffed animals that serve no purpose except to remind me of how my childhood, however faded a memory, is still there, within reach....my cork-board photo albums that changed every few years, to reflect the new friends, the new memories, being made. Trophies from middle school basketball, summer swim team, Southside tennis camp...ribbons from horse shows, YMCA basketball, Honor roll.

My mom put a box in my room yesterday. She said to throw out anything I didn't want. And to box up anything I wanted to keep. I still haven't done it yet.

Aside from all that, I am truly excited at the prospect of college. Christina Gamba, who goes to Princeton and works in my office, was telling me all about her experiences there and offering lots of freshman advice. Being at a school far from home is actually beginning to resonate with me...I have never imagined myself returning to Jacksonville after college, so I never saw the point of staying close by, aside from friends and family (which is going to be the most difficult part of all this). I don't know what I'd do without the friends I've made and what they've taught me...and the family I have and what they've given me.

Good luck to everyone next year...and remember, success in life is not determined by IB scores :) (don't tell Mrs. Ellison I said that)
Monday, June 28th, 2004
2:05 pm
Ok, so at least I've gotten out some of that bitterness from my last post. Maybe this time I'll stick to something a little more unifying..like how much summer vacation rocks.

Working doesn't so much (rock, that is...more like roll by, slowly, with the clock ticking) Other times are great, however. I'm reminded of the Suns baseball game this past weekend, with the dancing rastafarian mascot chicken that looked like it was on a really bad acid trip (and the dancing umpire. Who could forget the nuts guy, too? Great times were had ogling cars at Avondale's "Dancin in the Streets"...as was eating the best cake ever at Biscotti's. Gerald managed to fit a fist-sized piece in his mouth...the waitress' horrified look was priceless. haha.

I spent Saturday at the beach with the fam, and played some tennis with Bernard. Everyone's goin down to G-ville to fix up Shawn's townhouse this week, where we stayed last weekend. We spent most of the time at Lowe's, looking at light fixtures...his place is gonna be sweet when its finished thouhg. Getting to run on the field at Ben Hill Griffin stadium was pretty cool, although it made me a little sad to realize how much I'll miss out on...no tailgating, no football games with masses of screaming fans, no partying with old friends. But life goes on, and I'm looking forward to mine.

Ugh, work is calling. Bye all!
1:24 pm
Deviating from the usual light banter and emotional outpourings of my lj pages, I am gonna shift the topic to one of our very favorites (and most divisive)...oh yes, politics.

I saw Farenheit 9/11 this weekend. Was it biased? Obviously. Propoganda? Of course. But propoganda is most effective, it has been written, when it contains elements of truth. And these elements of truth are absolutely unrefutable. Because most of them come from the mouths of those being accused...Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, Rice, Cheney, and Bush himself.

I like to consider myself a reasonable person. But I'm finding the case for this war even more difficult to prove with each day that passes. Each person that is killed, beheaded, tortured...whether American, Iraqi, or otherwise. Is this worth it? For "weapons" we havent found yet? For some connection between Iraq and Al-Quieda that has yet to be proved by more than one of Bush's redudant and roundabout statements?

And now we are planning to turn power over to a country where the stability of life has declined exponententially since our occupation only 15 months ago? I mean, I'm all for Saddam being gone, but it seems like people were better off then as far as the average person goes. You don't even have to see the movie to know this...think of how you'd feel if you were a middle class Joe, living your life, and a horde of people armed with weapons and a threadbare knowledge of your culture invaded under the pretext of completly changing your way of life. Yea, I'd be a little pissed too. And its funny how we promise to hold just and free elections in another country, when it seems we cannot even have them in our own. (see VOTING RESULTS, 2000 Presidential Election)

Regardless of your political affiliation, please go and see this movie. I don't care if you completely disagree with everything I've just said It just brings about an awareness that I've never truly had regarding this war and whole situation. I mean, some of it is probably a little farfetched in retrospect, but still. I cried during this movie, and I rarely cry at anything presented by the entertainment industry (aside from Van Helsing, but that was just because it was so horrible).

Anyway, Bush's website is featuring an add likening Democrats to Hitler. Do I smell desperation? Or just bad taste?

On that note, I'm out. Enough politics for the day. But please, people, go and see this movie. I'll buy you a ticket if I have to.
Friday, June 18th, 2004
11:16 am
Bored but well fed
It stinks being a working stiff. I get up earlier now than I did for school (6:15!! AM!!!) and hardly do anything in the office all day, besides answer the phone and deal with people too dumb to spell their own names. Ugh. At least the people I work with are nice...honestly, I could take so much advantage of this job if I wanted to.

I guess its not all bad, compared to some alternatives. Anyway, I think I'm suffering from Jacksonville Claustrophobia again, which strikes when I feel like I've been in town too long (usually about 4 months during winter, more like 2 weeks during summer) Though its fun to hang out with friends, it seems like everyone is working/busy/out of town right now, or about to be. That concludes the whiny portion of today's post.

Good news...I'm learning how to cook!! I made an awesome dinner last night, if I do say so myself (my mother agreed....probably just because she wasnt required to cook, but whatev) Tilapia fillets with a thai-style sauce. Watch out, Emeril. Bam!
Sunday, June 13th, 2004
9:57 pm
now or never
Theoretically, summer isn't just a season...its a frame of mind, a way of life. 180 degrees different, literally and figuratively, than the rest of the year- an amalgamated bundle of fun, sun, surf, and sand that is requisite for anyone, particularly us Floridians, who are looking to have the "ultimate summer." Couple that with the fact that this summer embodies the supposed "summer of our lives"- aka, the summer after high school graduation, captured amidst victorious pop songs and technicolor-still-shots in every stereotypical high school big-budget movie ever created by the power/money-hungry hollywood production agencies- and you get expectations beyond any that you could only dare to dream to "live it up" to.

My summer, understandably (after all this ranting), hasnt quite lived up to or surmounted this overblown fantasy. But, I think I've been strangely satisfied about it in other ways- possibly more important ways, at that. I've hung out with good friends, had some good times, taken some vacations, relaxed in the requisite "surf and sun" kind of way, and gotten a 9-5 grinder. Still, it feels unbalanced...as if an integral portion isn't there, or isn't fitting, or isn't suntanned or blissful enough...maybe its just me, as usual. Being philosophical. Thanks, Gregg Wrenn!

Maybe I just feel...confused. Or unsure. Or doubtful. Or maybe all of the prior. I don't know what it is, can't pinpoint it, but it feels like a moment stuck. Between missing old friends who are still there, but won't be in the near future. Between living in the comfort of a home that houses all of the comforts of childhood, and of my past, but knowing that it soon won't be mine anymore. Between growing up and learning life in a city where I experienced my first of everythings, and having to leave that place behind...to an open road leading to a place where new experiences will be had, in an entirely new setting, amid entirely new people.

Though disconcerting, I think I can deal with this. Heck, I'll have to. Part of me even wants to, and cannot wait. Unpacking a dorm room, setting up, meeting a roommate, going to class (yes, i retain my Stanton nerd-dom), and doing everything and anything I've ever wanted to. Learn. Grow. Experience. Whatever buzzwords there are for it, I look forward to college life. Just not quite yet. I still have some important things left here. Like friends. And, of course, surfing.
Friday, May 21st, 2004
11:54 pm
Ever heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Well, anyone who has read Mrs.Dalloway sure has (remember Septimus?...ah, tragic novels) I feel as if I'm..well, I'm hesitant to say suffering from, since it isnt really a feeling equivalent to suffering in any way, shape, or form, aside from being a distance separating myself from friends I had been so used to seeing everyday...but, its almost as if I'm feeling the effects of Post-Graduation Traumatic Stress Disorder. The hysteria of the days surrounding the actual event made it fly by, in a blur of colorful NAHS cords, blue silk gowns, and grumbling students eager to make it out of the God awful 7:45 am graduation practice Monday morning at UNF....but, I'll have to say, graduation itself was particularly nice. Props to Tina and Ariana for their speeches, they were quite good. At least no arrests occured at our graduation, though Jaxon did seem a bit peeved at the whole collapse of the pre-arranged seating order.
Anywho, I've been a little bit under the weather, feeling the after-effects of the hype. My dad and stepmother were in town from last Thursday until this past Tuesday, and I ended up playing a virtual tour guide for them the whole time. It was fun, actually, and I realized how much I might actually miss this place when the time inevitably comes to leave. We went to the Alligator farm in St. Augustine, and I took them into San Marco (my favorite Jax hangout, by far...my hood!!) They had an enjoyable time, and I promised that I'd come out to Tucson to visit them soon. But, like the other promises made between us, we'll see how true this one will hold.
Off to New York tomorrow, to visit grandma (and sneak into the city for a bit) Anyone else receive extremely large sums of money for graduation from people that they barely know? Life is sweet :)

You guys better keep in touch. Love to everyone...Aylin, Liz, Emma, Mayuri, Steven, Haley, Eric, David, Micheala, Betsy, Becky, Kati, geez i know im forgetting like everyone, but I havent been on LJ in forever.

Another Orlando trip in the works? Let me know, Ill be home next Saturday.
Saturday, May 1st, 2004
10:31 pm
The glorious return
Halt the speculation, stop the presses...I'm back! Contrary to popular belief (cough Kati Brown cough), I am not currently deceased...just really really busy. And who isn't lately? What with tests, umm...well, I guess just tests. They seem to be consuming all of my energy and thoughts lately, along with making the notion that high school is actually OVER virtually insignificant in the wake of the approximated 30 odd hours of examinations lying in wait for us over the next two weeks. Mark your calenders...

Anywho, just returned from a wedding. Nothing makes you so simultaneously happy and depressed at the same time as seeing two absolutely perfect people in love, and realizing how things in this world can be right..but just not for you. Aside from that, it was a really beautiful event...I got misty-eyed seeing her, my old Campaigner leader, bedecked in this absolutely stunning white dress, smiling as she walked down the aisle to her future. The whole event was sort of a mix of contemporary and traditional...one of the bridesmaids wore Rainbow sandals, but there was still the whole traditional vows thing and all that. I started having all those girly visions of what my wedding might be like (a day far, far away from today, I assure you) It was a great wedding, and I had a blast hanging out with all my old campaigners. The reception was nice too...anywho, I'll fill in more later, but I'm gonna go. Outz.
Sunday, April 4th, 2004
11:50 pm
I'll tow YOU
So, word of advice. If you plan on going to Jax Beach anytime soon, DO NOT park in the Walgreens parking lot on Beach Blvd. under ANY circumstances. Because they WILL get you..oh yes, they will. And so will Bosnian boys, and guys with pythons, and guys from Georgetown playing frisbee...
Other than that, my weekend was fairly good. Lots of studying, lots of quality time with mom...mall, movies, out to dinner (yum, indian and mexican food..) and finding out some big news...My mom has to go back to college herself, in order to take some classes for a new position she wants as a reading counselor, for like all of Duval county or something. The only catch is that she'll have to take classes at Ohio State University for a year. Since the commute would be a little rough from Jax every day, she'll have to move out there...I was a little weirded out on the idea at first, since I've lived in the same house and same city for the past 16 years of my life. However, realizing that I won't be here anyway made me able to support her decision, and I'll definitely have places to stay when I come back for vacation and stuff. Still, it will be weird, especially if she decides to move out of the house altogether.
Anywho, I'm going to bed. Oh, some sad news too..I just found out today that the dad of these kids who I used to babysit died in a car accident. The whole family was in the car, and thank God the rest of them are all ok...but he left behind a wife and 3 kids. I can't even imagine the pain. This really teaches us to appreciate all we have right now...because tommorrow isn't a guarantee.
Monday, March 29th, 2004
10:22 pm
SLEEP DEPRIVED, but happy :)
Prom was, without a doubt, absolutely everything I could have hoped for. You always see those "perfect proms" in the movies, and in magazines, and always envision it to be something totally different than what it turns out to be. But I think the mere fact that I was surrounded by all my friends, on such a fun night, is what made it so awesome. No reckless driving, boy drama, or hotel room needed.

It definitely took me half the day to get ready, which felt ridiculous, because I never spend more than 5 minutes on my hair/nails...and then here was some asian women taking an hour to rub my feet and polish my nails. It felt excessive, but nice.
Anywho, Jason came over at about 4:30, and we took some requisite pics at my house at my mom's insistence. Then, we drove to his house, so that his mom could take some pictures. And take them she did...in the backyard, in the kitchen, next to the couch, etc. Jason and I went to Starbucks after that, where he definitely reaps some major employee benefits now, so that we could get free drinks...everyone gave us quizzical looks (who could blame them? Whose prom is in March??)but it was fun nonetheless. We drove to Bernards, and took some pictures on the swirly staircase of his...everyone looked gorgeous, by the way!! After that, another gorgeous thing pulled up...our stretch Hummer limo, a sight to behold. That thing was amazing...inside, an awesome stereo system, and room enough to comfortably seat 20 people. We had a blast on the way to the Wine Cellar, where we had a wonderful dinner...the Mahi I had was awesome, and the escargot that Jason and I ordered as an appetizer was ok (he definitely asked the guy if it was "farm-raised"..hello? aren't they all slimy and gross, no matter what?)
After dinner, we were off to prom....I'll have to say, they did a good job on decorations this year. I liked the paper lanterns and whole New York theme, and the food was definitely far better than last year (although I refrained from trying the punch...hehe)My favorite part of the evening would definitely have to be Erin Crider cutting a rug, and Tony busting out the condom (haha) It was fun to see everyone dressed up, and to gush over how gorgeous everyone looked. It was hard, though, to realize that this was senior prom. A night that freakin magazines are devoted to, and that one always imagines will be something so memorable, yet far away. And its over...I guess I just realize how close school is to being over, and how much sooner that means I'll be starting college.

Anyway, we left prom, while still having about an hour left on the limo. So, of course, we went to Steak n Shake, where half the group got out and went inside to order milkshakes. We went back to Bernard's, and Jason and I drove to Bowl America, where Liz, Mindy, Alex, and some other people were. After visiting a while, we drove to Fernindina (about a 50 minute drive), where we arrived at Mrs Sachs beach house at like 2:30. She had prepared us tons of food, and the house was absolutely amazing...a two story place right across from the beach, where everyone gathered for a bonfire. Much fun ensued, and we were all even present to watch the awesome sunrise at about 6 am....it was definitely a wonderful night, and I slept not one bit of it. Hence, Im going to bed. Night!

some memories...
Window bra!
Tribal dance
35 cent gasoline
Push up contest
Gerald the Mermaid
Thursday, March 25th, 2004
11:06 pm
The wanderer returns
Have I been wandering? Maybe that, or maybe its due to Stanton's ever-friendly policy of post-spring-break bombardment of every possible test/assignment/meaningless piece of crap that won't matter "5 years from now" (thanks, Donobeast)that inevitably occurs
when teachers with poor scheduling habits and guidance counselors (cough ELLISON) with no human emotion come together...all in a devious plot to wreak havoc on our poor, overworked, underpartied souls....can I get an AMEN?

Ok, enough with the drama. I suppose its just the initial reacclimation to the humdrum of first period Bunton and the feeling of being slowly closed in by the blase' colored walls that I have to stare at every day...seriously, Stanton needs to invest in some hot pink Sherwin-Williams or something, because that would keep me much more awake then the same Far Side cartoons I've read about 30 bazillion times. Holler back.

Otherwise, Spring break was amazing...some relaxation, beachin it, Orlandoin' it, and altogether just chilling (its an acquired taste for us Stanton Folk) Orlando was fun..hehe "magical journeys" and all. Even though we couldn't decide where to eat..I agree, girls are indecisive. Just because we don't settle for Pizza hut:) The mall at the millenia was amazing, of course...though it goes against my thrifty nature and hatred of all things teenybopperish and trendy, I bought a shirt from Urban Outfitters that says "Everybody Loves An Italian Girl." It was too cute to pass up, and, of course, so true. I also went to the Gavin DeGraw concert at Freebird on Friday night, which was awesome...I'd never heard any of his music prior to that day (except for the theme song on "One Tree Hill") and I managed to get a picture with him before he went on stage..it was good times, even though the concert wasnt over until 1 am, and I was muy tiredo (man, my spanish just keeps getting worse).

So, Tony Sarkees calculated the number of hours we will be taking IB and AP exams in May. The grand total? 39 hours. Let the sobbing begin.
I can't even get excited about prom. After-prom plans are crazy...people are getting way too worried/upset/dramatic over them. Personally, I'd settle for bowling and Famous Amos, but whatever.

Peace out.
Saturday, March 6th, 2004
12:29 am
3 day weekend (well, for me at least...)
Sure, they have provisions for "sick days", "vacation days", and even the requisite "doctor's/dentist appointment days," but I move to petition that we have "mental health days" implemented into the regular school year at necessary intervals...trust me, they save your sanity.

I took one today. My first one EVER, thank you...this week has been, well, HELL, if you wanna put it bluntly. Actually, its been lonely, more so, since my mother has been out swooshing down the slopes in Colorado whilst I've been cooped up in my little hole studying Bio notes (by the way, im the Sex Goddess/Bomb of 4th period Biology, according to Tess Durant. My first week home alone has proven successful, however...nothing was burnt/killed/trashed/or otherwise damaged. I think I've been almost too busy to notice her absence (might be helpful next year...thats gonna be one heck of an adjustment) Anywho, Jason Hall so graciously accompanied me on our venture out, as we breakfasted at the Fox restaurant in Avondale (mmm the Ortega omelet was muy deliciousa)We stopped by Edge City just as Tom and Gunnel were walking in (they are the coolest old(er) couple by far..her clothes make me smile, as does the fact that she draws on her eyebrows completely) We went to the mall as well, making sure to spend hours in the Gap and other yuppie strongholds. After lunching at Moe's (haha I love using food terminology as a verb) we went thrift-storing (hmm, doesnt sound as cute) where I got a ron jon t-shirt and Jason got a "Crowley Family Reunion" T-shirt that says "Lil Mitch" in airbrush on the back. hehe. Anywho, dinnered with my uncle at Sushi Rock, and just finished watching American Wedding. What a day.

Tomorrow night...Jon Mayer (aka future husband). Im so excited! School? eh? pshh.

OHH! man, almost forgot to mention this...as we were driving through san marco earlier, jason and I spotted the elusive beast of stanton...the infamous Dr.Echols!!! He was running off to somewhere (to go rejoin the Sandinistas?) but Jason got his card and number. We are so tracking him down.

Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
9:40 pm
Helloooo Daddys money
It has been a political couple of days. Mock Convention, on the whole, was a good experience...I met some great people (democrats, all of them...coincidence? I think not..hehe) But seriously, it got pretty crazy around candidate nomination time. Did I mention how much I detest Bolles kids? "there are two classes in America..the rich and the poor" -I kid you not, this was a legitamite quote from one of them. Yea, there is another class too, Daddys credit card...the "ignorant." And to say that Democrats are suffering from "Robin hood" syndrome (rob from the rich, give to the poor) is freakin ludicrous. Just because a few people take advantage of the welfare system doesnt mean the majority isnt made up of people who need it...you wanna talk about taking advantage? How about corporations that move their headquarters overseas and are given tax breaks? Anywho, thats my political diatribe of the day. Back to Vadney. Ugh.
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