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Ok, so at least I've gotten out some of that bitterness from my last post. Maybe this time I'll stick to something a little more unifying..like how much summer vacation rocks.

Working doesn't so much (rock, that is...more like roll by, slowly, with the clock ticking) Other times are great, however. I'm reminded of the Suns baseball game this past weekend, with the dancing rastafarian mascot chicken that looked like it was on a really bad acid trip (and the dancing umpire. Who could forget the nuts guy, too? Great times were had ogling cars at Avondale's "Dancin in the Streets"...as was eating the best cake ever at Biscotti's. Gerald managed to fit a fist-sized piece in his mouth...the waitress' horrified look was priceless. haha.

I spent Saturday at the beach with the fam, and played some tennis with Bernard. Everyone's goin down to G-ville to fix up Shawn's townhouse this week, where we stayed last weekend. We spent most of the time at Lowe's, looking at light fixtures...his place is gonna be sweet when its finished thouhg. Getting to run on the field at Ben Hill Griffin stadium was pretty cool, although it made me a little sad to realize how much I'll miss out on...no tailgating, no football games with masses of screaming fans, no partying with old friends. But life goes on, and I'm looking forward to mine.

Ugh, work is calling. Bye all!
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