Katie (huntress23) wrote,

Bored but well fed

It stinks being a working stiff. I get up earlier now than I did for school (6:15!! AM!!!) and hardly do anything in the office all day, besides answer the phone and deal with people too dumb to spell their own names. Ugh. At least the people I work with are nice...honestly, I could take so much advantage of this job if I wanted to.

I guess its not all bad, compared to some alternatives. Anyway, I think I'm suffering from Jacksonville Claustrophobia again, which strikes when I feel like I've been in town too long (usually about 4 months during winter, more like 2 weeks during summer) Though its fun to hang out with friends, it seems like everyone is working/busy/out of town right now, or about to be. That concludes the whiny portion of today's post.

Good news...I'm learning how to cook!! I made an awesome dinner last night, if I do say so myself (my mother agreed....probably just because she wasnt required to cook, but whatev) Tilapia fillets with a thai-style sauce. Watch out, Emeril. Bam!
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